In one word… Senile. Even if you have a good memory you likely don’t always dwell on what is true and praiseworthy. We quickly forget the obvious blessings, left unchecked one’s attitude can shift dramatically. Time moves at lightning speed and tomorrow is far from guaranteed. The ability to capture moments, grand moments that remind us of great victories is a gift from God. The crossing of the Red Sea by millions of God’s people must have been a crazy feat indeed. What an incredible victory. Nevertheless, forty years in the wilderness can wear on anyone. They quickly forgot. My prayer is that through these photos God’s kindness would not be forgotten.

When life is rough, and it will be, may the photographs that captured fleeting moments of God’s goodness prevent grumbling, complaining and depression when life is less than grand. God is always good, may photos be used to remind us of the victories, grace and mercies we often forget.

When all seems like fog,
When everything looks unclear,
When sorrows grow,
And storms blow,
When earthquakes roar,
And tears soar,
When clouds abound,
And fear is found,
When black is alive,
And seeks to divide,
When anguish prevails,
And heartache sails,
When gloom abounds,
And sin sees no bounds,
When air is scarce,
And the heavens torn,
When all is lost,
And little found,
It is there that Christ Jesus wears His crown,
Where nothing can usurp His righteous ways and merciful grace,
To Him be all glory and praise.

If you refresh the main webpage ( eventually you will find a picture of a cross. That picture was taken when I was in high school of a remain piece of steel that was left standing of what little was left from the collapse of the twin towers at ground zero. A reminder that God’s grace, forgiveness and LIFE can be found only in Jesus. God can restore what seems impossibly broken. Nailed to a cross, left hopeless and dead resulted in Jesus being resurrected 3 days later with great glory. God does the impossible. I don’t want to forget.